MAcMap database

Market Access Map (MAcMap) is a database developed jointly by ITC (UNCTAD-WTO, Geneva) and CEPII (Paris). It provides with a disaggregated, exhaustive and bilateral measurement of applied tariff duties, taking regional agreements and trade preferences exhaustively into account. While MAcMap can be mobilised for several purposes, this presentation is specifically devoted to the database at the six-digit level of the Harmonised System, in its version MAcMap_2001. This dataset is built for analytical purposes, and is the source for protection data in the last pre-release of the GTAP6 database. The associated methodology used to compute ad valorem equivalents is described in detail, and some illustrative results are shown. The dataset is available on this website.

For more information, see the MAcMap official webpage.

Default data for calibration

Doing simulations with MAcMap