MIRAGE-e 1.1

Data compatibility

Database Compatible/included version
GTAP 9.2
EconMap 2.4
World Energy Outlook prices 2016
MAcMap HS-6 20150911


  • Update projections database (EconMap 2.4, WEO 2016)
  • Separation of NTMs from iceberg cost, tariff and export tax in the model and scenarios (see Trade section from the documentation)
  • Revised CO2 computations (simpler, better treatment of households)
  • Removing incompatible welfare decomposition
  • Results present Fisher indexes along with Volume indexes

Bug corrections

  • Revenue computation in Results_E.gms
  • Better detection of errors in NextSlice.gms
  • Revised energy price scenarios (world prices are endogenous between 2015 and 2017 to avoid numerical problems with oligopolistic competition)
  • No known issue yet