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 ===== Emissions from international transportation ===== ===== Emissions from international transportation =====
-<callout type="​danger"​ icon="​true">​TBA</​callout>​+Emissions from international transportation are allocated to international freight in a proportionale way: 
 +EmGHG^{Freight}_{g,​TrT,​r,​t,​sim} ​\left[\sum_i EmGHG^{IC}_{g,​i,​TrT,​r,​t,​sim} + EmGHG^{Y}_{g,​TrT,​r,​t,​sim}\right]\frac{TrSupply_{TrT,​r,​t,​sim}}{Y_{TrT,​r,​t,​sim}} 
 +These emissions can enter the emission reduction policy or not, depending on the sector being liste in the ''​InternationalFreight''​ set. In this case, $EmGHG^{Freight}$ is computed, but not added to carbon market emissions and not subject to carbon taxation.