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 +====== Using a GSE interface ======
 +[[http://​www.lei.dlo.nl/​nacquit/​index.php3?​page=products%2Fgse%2Fgse.php|GSE]] is a user interface for GAMS models. GSE makes the GAMS model more accessible and increases the insight in the relations between input and output. In MIRAGE case, GSE interface is designed for people who want to avoid GAMS programming and concentrate on scenarios choice and results analysis.
 +The documentation of GSE is available:
 +  * in [[http://​www.lei.dlo.nl/​nacquit//​products/​gse/​manual/​GSE.pdf|PDF format]]
 +  * in [[http://​www.lei.dlo.nl/​nacquit//​products/​gse/​manual/​Table_of_Contents.htm|html format]]