What is MIRAGE-e made of?

Organisation of main files in MIRAGE-e 2


The MIRAGE model is programmed in GAMS. The model is organized around five main files, which call other GAMS files:

The MIRAGE-e program flowchart describes graphically the organisation of main files.

Directory structure

/ Root

This directory contains the main program files of MIRAGE-e.

/ Root / data

This directory contains the data files, separated in several subdirectories :

  • / Root / data / baseline : Baseline data coming mainly from EconMap
  • / Root / data / lesces : Data for the calibration of utility function parameters
  • / Root / data / maps : Different region and sector mappings
  • / Root / data / protection : Protection data (Tariffs and NTMs)
  • / Root / data : other data

/ Root / GDX

This folder contains the GDX files outputed by MIRAGE-e

/ Root / ProgGMS

This folder contains code utilities used throughout MIRAGE-e:

/ Root / Restart

This folder contains the g00 files generated by MIRAGE-e to chain between the different steps

/ Root / Results

This folder contains the result CSV files generated by MIRAGE-e