What is MIRAGE made of ? (Outdated)

MIRAGE program flowchart (Please use the PDF version for printing)

The MIRAGE model is programmed in [http://www.gams.com/ GAMS]. The model is organized around five main files, which call other GAMS files:

The MIRAGE program flowchart describes graphically the complete organisation of the program and the function of each file. Some files that are not supposed to be often changed are placed in the subdirectory ProgGMS.

Data management before and after a simulation is done with Excel for GTAP data and results extraction, and SAS for MAcMap data:

Four times in the model the file Variables.gms is used. Variables.gms contains all variable of the model and we use it to write concisely all the actions that must be perfom on all variables. For this purpose, we take advantage of the macro language provided by the $batinclude command. Expect for a change in the model, this file must not be changed. It is always associated with other files:

  • Base.gms in the calibration - Declaration of base year variables
  • DI.gms in the model definition - Variable declarations and initialisation at their base year value
  • UPL.gms in the recursive iteration - Initialisation of variables of the following period with values of the current period
  • ISim.gms in Simul.gms - Initialisation of variables with the values from the baseline